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League Bylaws are listed below. Download a copy.


(Revised 2011)

SECTION 1.    General/Membership

A.    Name

The Name of the Organization shall be the Emerald City
Darting Organization

B.    Definitions

Board means the offices described in Section

Meeting means Board
Meetings, General Meetings, and Special General Meetings.

Venue means a location/establishment where the
game of darts is played.

Participating Venue or Sponsor means
a Venue which currently sponsors an ECDO team.

Member means Lifetime Members, Player Members,
and General Members.

Captain’s Packet means a packet of information
compiled by the Board, including a list of captains’ duties, delivered to each
team captain for a given season prior to the first day of play.

C.    Objectives

The objectives of the ECDO shall be to promote
competitive darts, coordinate the functions and activities of darts and
sanction league play according to the Bylaws and Rules in effect, as well as
establish friendly relationships with similar organizations.

The ECDO shall be a nonprofit, nonpolitical and
nonsectarian organization.

D.    Rules of the Game

Wherever practical the formats and rules of play as
provided by the A.D.O. shall be adhered to, unless otherwise specified by the

The Board shall publish seasonal rules, which shall be
included in the Captain’s Packet. If no new seasonal rules are passed for a new
season, the seasonal rules in effect at the end of the prior season shall be
the new seasonal rules.

E.    Fees

Membership fees shall be applicable to the period
established at a General Meeting. An applicant (for a non-Lifetime Membership)
shall be considered a Member when, consistent with policies set by the Board,
the applicant’s application card and appropriate fees have been received by the
Board Member designated for their receipt. If no Board Member is designated,
applications and fees may be delivered to the Treasurer or Membership

Lifetime Members shall be charged no fee to continue
their membership.

Sponsor’s fees shall be required for each season.
Sponsor’s fees are due by the first night of each season’s play. Team captains
shall be responsible for their own sponsorship and ensuring their venue pays
its sponsor fees.

Member and Sponsor fees may be changed at a Meeting by
a majority of the Board.

Social, tournament and raffle fees as well as prizes
shall be established by a majority of the Board.

F.         Membership

Membership is open to anyone who expresses interest as
a sport.

Membership fees begin as follows: General Membership
$15.00. Player Membership $10.00.

General Members may participate in all ECDO and A.D.O.
events as Members of ECDO, yet cannot be rostered on
an ECDO team. General Memberships are valid from January I, through December
31st. General Members may only participate in league play by paying an additional
Player Membership fee, not simply the difference between the two fees.

Player Members may participate in all ECDO and A.D.O.
events as Members of ECDO until the December 31st following their last season
of league play. Player Members must pay an additional membership fee for each season, otherwise they become General Members until their
membership expires.

Past and future Presidents of ECDO shall have Lifetime

Sher Byrd (founder of ECDO)
Garfield shall have Lifetime Membership.

All memberships, other than Lifetime
Memberships, must be approved by the Board
, within 60 days or at the
next board meeting, whichever is sooner.

A Member may be fined or have their membership
privileges revoked, temporarily or permanently, depending on severity, if a
majority of the Board feels a Member creates strong disharmony, acts in an unsportsman-like fashion, or takes such action as may be
determined as detrimental to the League. Such a Member shall
be notified by certified Letter
within 72 hours of the Boards decision.
The Member in question may appeal this decision by requesting a protest
meeting, in writing to the League Secretary within fourteen (14) days after
received notice of the boards decision.

Unsportsman-like conduct is
conduct which unreasonably lessens the enjoyment of playing or which would
unreasonably discourage others from participating in league play. The Board
shall compile a non-exclusive list of acts, and types of acts, which
shall be rebuttably presumed to be unsportsman-like. This list should be included with the
Captain’s Packet.

SECTION 2.    The

A.    The Board

The annually elected Board shall be comprised of
President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.
(These first four positions shall be signers on the bank account). Competition
Secretary, Membership Secretary, Publicity Manager/ADO Liaison, A-League
Representative, B-League Representative, and Tavern Representative.

The Board shall compile a list of duties for Board
Members. These duties may be reassigned by mutual agreement of the Board
Members involved for the course of one election cycle.

Board Members are to provide the President with copies
of all correspondence relevant to League activities.

Board Members each have a duty to pass on relevant
information, documents, and records to their successors in position.

B.    Board Meetings

The Board shall meet at such times and in such a manner
as the Board Members see fit.

Quorum shall consist of 50% of the currently
filled Board positions.

C.    Qualifications

All positions are open to any Member of ECDO, with the
exception of President, which requires that the candidate has served in another
Board position for at least one year.

A Board Member who resigns a position shall be deemed
ineligible to run for any Board position in the next regular election.

D.    Vacancies on the

the event a Board position becomes vacant, the President may appoint
individuals to fill said vacancy for a sixty-day period while candidates are
solicited from the membership. If no candidates are found in the prescribed
period, the appointee shall fulfill the remainder of the term. Should an
opening occur, the position shall be solicited on the
weekly stats. Should a vacancy occur between seasons, Captains from the
preceding season shall be notified by the Secretary and asked for nominations.
Should no qualified candidates be nominated or volunteer two weeks from the
announcement of vacancy, the President’s appointment shall stand. Should one or
more candidates come forward, a special election shall be held as soon as
feasible and within 60 days, with the President’s appointee serving in the

E.    Code of Conduct

is understood that a Board position is a great responsibility and that the
Board Member becomes in effect an ambassador for the game of darts. It is
expected that Board Members shall conduct themselves with the utmost
professionalism in their dealings with Venue owners and players. Failure to do
so, or repeated failure to fulfill duties, may result
in a removal from the Board by a 2/3 majority of the other Board

F.         General

There shall be at least one General Meeting per year.

General Meetings shall be announced by posting in
participating Venues at least seven days prior to meeting.

G.        Special General Meetings

Special General Meeting may be called by any Member, for a specific purpose
only and that specific purpose must be written and submitted to the Secretary,
and witnessed by the signatures of at least one hundred Members in good
standing or 10% of the current membership, whichever is less.

other business will be discussed at a Special General Meeting.

Board must announce the time and place for a Special General Meeting no later
than twenty (20) days from the date of receipt of petition by the Secretary.

Special General Meeting date shall be set as soon as practical, but in no event
later than 30 days following the Board’s announcement.

H.         Protest

Five (5) captains from different
league (A-league captains, if the member filing the protest is a rostered B-league player; B-league captains if the
protesting member is a rostered A-league player). If
there are not enough captains on the other league such that one of the five captain is also a board member, someone else from that team
must be chosen. Furthermore, the protest committee meeting is to be a closed

I.          Miscellaneous

otherwise specified, all Meetings shall be called at the discretion of the

J.         Elections

2.1. General
elections shall be held in November with the new Board taking office January 1.


All elections shall be by secret ballot. It shall be
the responsibility of the Secretary to construct such a ballot. It will be the
responsibility of the President to form an elections committee to facilitate
the election.

The Secretary shall call for nominations for all
annually elected Board positions no sooner than 30 days and no later than 7
days prior to the date that nominations close. Those Members wishing to place
themselves or fellows in contention for an office shall notify the Secretary in
writing no later than seven (7) days prior to the date of elections.

A single ballot shall be mailed to all Members. For a
ballot to be counted, Members must return it to their captain or
to designated members of the board
on the next league
by the
stated due date
. Addressed envelopes shall be provided to each
captain for the return of ballots to the head of the Elections Committee.
Captains are charged with the duty of submitting all ballots that they
receive by the stated due date
a ballot for all
rostered team members. Players not active that current season shall be
responsible for mailing their ballot to the head of the Elections Committee.
Players active in the preceding Spring League but not rostered for Fall League
shall have ballots mailed to their home address.

Election results shall be computed in the following

Any candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast
shall be elected to that office.

Should there be a tie between two or more candidates, a
runoff election shall be conducted between those candidates.

No Member may vote more than once per candidate per

No candidate may run for more than one Board position.

SECTION 3.    Communications



  1. It
    is the responsibility of each Member to provide the Secretary at all times
    with a current, valid email address, for the receipt of official ECDO comm
    Shared and care of email addresses are permitted, but do not r
    the Member of the responsibility for announcements and other co
    sent to such address.
  2. Unless
    otherwise specified, all official notices to the Board shall be sent to
    the President, at the address specified on the ECDO website at
    (or such other
    domain name as may be announced from time to time).

1.Persons other than
Venue owners, using a Venue as their home address, will not be included in any
of the mailings by the Board.

is the responsibility of each Member to maintain a current and valid address
with the Secretary.

otherwise specified, all ECDO communications may be sent to the President
and/or be attached to the weekly score sheets.

SECTION 4.    Amendments/Liabilities

A.    Amending the

These Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority of
the Members in attendance at a General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting.

Rules and regulations to supplement these Bylaws may
from time to time be created and revised by the Board for the purpose of
clarity and uniformity.

The order of business and/or procedures for any meeting
or any subject not covered by these Bylaws or by rules and regulations
promulgated as described above shall be subject to Robert’s Rules of Order

B.    Contracts and

The annually elected Board shall have authority to
enter into contracts and agreements in the name of ECDO. In all such activities
the signature of two of the ranking Board Members (President, Vice-President,
Treasurer, or Secretary) shall be required to make such agreements binding.

At no time is an ECDO Board Member to make such
representation as to infer or imply that they speak for the League as a whole,
or can enter into any such agreements on behalf of the League other than in the
manner stipulated above.

C.    Expenses

Any Member is to be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses
incurred in the name of the ECDO. The Board must approve and authorize major
expenditures PRIOR to the purchase of goods and services.

All expenses are subject to approval of a majority of
the Board Members in attendance at a Board meeting. Interim approval
of expenses outside the scope of budgetary guidelines may be granted by no less
than three Board Members

SECTION 5.    Duties of
the Board


Shall preside at all meetings.

May vote only to break a tie.

Signature may be one of 4 valid signatures on checking
and savings accounts.


Shall assist the President in maintaining the
efficiency of the operation.

In the absence of the President, shall assume the
duties normally performed by the President.

Signature may be one of 4 valid signatures on both
checking and savings accounts.


Shall record minutes of all meetings, distribute
meeting notices and file copies of such.

Create score sheets A and sign-up sheets for each

Signature may be one of 4 valid signatures on checking
and savings accounts.


Shall have custody of all ECDO funds and shall promptly
deposit all moneys received.

Collect all fees and fines.

Shall be required to submit a treasurer’s report

Shall submit the books for an annual audit and file
necessary tax forms for ECDO.

Signature may be one of 4 valid signatures on checking
and savings accounts.

Competition Secretary

Shall organize and direct all activities for league
play as well as organize and direct special tournaments and special events.
This will include reporting and helping the Secretary if necessary.

Shall preside over all meetings of Protest Committees.

Membership Secretary

Shall work with the membership regarding any ideas,
complaints and/or problems.

Shall work with the Treasurer on collection of past due

Rep and Publicity Manager

Shall organize and direct any ADO sanctioned tournament
or special event.

Shall distribute ADO material to all league taverns,
report tournament result to ADO including 180s in league or tournaments.

Shall publish an ECDO Newsletter every other month to
distribute to taverns in the league.


Shall be available to reflect the views and interests
of sponsors in the league at Board meetings.

Shall monitor disputes at participating venues.


Shall report the views and serve the interests of the
A-league players at Board meetings.

Shall communicate Board actions that effect A-league
players to these players in a timely manner.


Shall report the views and serve the interests of the
B-league players at Board meetings.

Shall communicate Board actions that effect B-league
players to these players in a timely manner.