New Venues, Site Surveys and Dart Area Requirements

January 14, 2015

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This post is relevant to teams that are playing out new venues or teams that desire to play out of a new venue.

In order to complete our matches within 3 – 3-1/2 hours and meet the needs of our membership, ECDO requires teams to play out venues that meet certain minimum requirements for capacity and utility. In particular, we need hosting bars that can make, at a minimum, 2 well illuminated boards available per match on dart nights. We need bars that have a mix of low and high tables. The darts area plus immediate environs needs to be able to accommodate a group of 8-12 players plus hangers on.

Here is our definition of a minimally suitable setup of a dart area for team darts, which describes the essential features

ECDO Dart Board Setup Regulations

That said, there are an infinite variety of ways to create great darts areas beyond what is conceived by our little document.

Submit pictures of your darts area in the comments.