Advanced Singles League – 2019 – Season 2 – Cricket

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Player Rankings

This season we are playing for entry into the Cricket National Qualifier at the 2019 Portland Open in Portland, OR and ultimately for a trip to Las Vegas, NV to compete for the national championship.

League Format

  • Modified Round Robin Format or Double elimination depending on turnout
  • Matches are Cricket, American Point.
  • Record all 9 counts and dead-eyes (6 bulls)

Event Info

  • Location: Coopers Alehouse (8065 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, 206-522-2923)
  • Entry Fee: $10 (100% paid back each week)
  • League Fee: $25 one time league fee (due second time you play)
  • Signups open: 7:00pm
  • Play starts: 7:30pm

Match Format
Matches are calibrated against player count so that each player plays about 15 total legs per session

  • Toss a coin to see who corks first for leg one.
  • Cork every leg. Loser of the previous leg has choice of corking first.
  • For 4 or fewer players play 5 legs, Round Robin
  • For 5 players play best of 5 legs, Round Robin
  • For 6 players play 3 legs, Round Robin
  • For 7 players play best of 3 legs, Round Robin
  • For 8 players play 2 legs, Round Robin
  • For 9 or more players play best of 3 legs, Double Elimination.

Season Championship

  • When: May 6th.
  • Who: Top 8 in the player rankings.
  • Prizes: top players win tickets to the ADO qualifier in Portland, first place wins award.
  • Tournament Format: Single Elimination Knockout.
  • Match Format: Cricket, quarter-final best of 5 legs, semi-final best of 7, final best of 11

ADO Playoff Program
Cricket National Championship
ADO Region 1-2 National Qualifier

The qualifier will be held on at the Portland Open. Winners win free air fare to the National Finals in Las Vegas, NV and a $150 cash stipend upon arrival at the tournament.

National Finals (for 2019)

Held at the 2020 Las Vegas Open in Las Vegas, NV in late January 2020.

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