Coopers Singles Cup 2018

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The Coopers Singles Cup is the yearly singles championship tournament of the ECDO.

The first 3 years the cup was held exclusively for players of the Advanced Singles League. In 2016 we exanded the field. In addition to the top 8 Advanced Singles League finishers we are inviting the winners of the divisional singles playoffs to the end of year Championship. This should bring the field up to at least 16 players.

We will play for the leftover funds from Singles League.

To date there is $330 in the pot (based on the assumption that some ADO ticket winners have won more tickets than they can use before the end of the year).

The 2018 Coopers Cup Singles Championship is scheduled to be played at the ECDO Holiday Tournament which is tentatively scheduled for Saturday December 15th, 2018 at 1:30pm.

2018 Cumulative Player Rankings