Fall 2016

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Season Championship
It all comes down to this. Next Monday, October 31st, the top 8 players are invited to play for the title (and 3 tickets to the ADO National Qualifier on November 5th.)

The championship is a straight knockout tournament. The top 4 are seeded and the bottom 4 are randomly drawn. First and 4th seeds will be on opposite sides of one bracket and 2nd and 3rd seeds will be opposite on the other side. In the event there are less than 8 players, remaining players move up and alternates will be invited to fill the openings at the bottom of the order. If there are still less than 8 players then byes accrue to the top seeded player(s) in seed order.

Quarter-finalists play best of 3 legs. Semi-finalists and finalists play best of 5 legs. The tie-breaker match to determine third place is also best of 5 legs. ADO corking rules. First place wins a t-shirt and the glory. The top three finishers each win a ticket to the national qualifier.

2 of the finalists and 1 alternate have already indicated they will not be able to play so this looks like the final draw.

Jeff Leonard
Karim Nowbar
Gino Cano Andre Lim
Mark Wolff
Rob Johnson
Richard Notturno
David SimerlyBill East
Kevin SantosStephanie Simerly

General Information
This season we are playing for entry into the ADO Cricket National Championship national qualifier at the Home Plate in Tacoma, WA. Winners will win a trip to the Las Vegas Open in Las Vegas, NV in late January to compete for the title.

League Format

  • 8 week season (7 week regular season plus a championship)
  • Modified Round Robin or Double Elimination depending on turnout
  • Matches are all Cricket, American Point.
  • Record all 9 counts and Deadeyes (6Bulls)

Event Info

  • Location: Coopers Alehouse (8065 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115, 206-522-2923)
  • Entry Fee: $10 (100% paid back each week)
  • League Fee: $15 one time league fee (due second time you play)
  • Signups open: 7:00pm
  • Play starts: 7:30pm

Match Format
Matches are calibrated against player count so that each player plays about 15 total legs per session

  • ADO Corking Rules (cork every leg).
  • Toss a coin to see who corks first for leg one.
  • Winner of the cork starts the first leg.
  • Loser of the prior leg corks first on the next leg.
  • For 4 or fewer players play 5 legs, Round Robin
  • For 5 players play best of 5 legs, Round Robin
  • For 6 players play 3 legs, Round Robin
  • For 7 players play best of 3 legs, Round Robin
  • For 8 players play 2 legs, Round Robin
  • For 9 or more players play best of 3 legs, Double Elimination. Director’s call whether losers bracket plays 1 leg or best of 3 legs.


  • 9/12 (Jeff Leonard 1st, Gino Cano 2nd, Karim Nowbar 3rd)
  • 9/19 (Jeff Leonard 1st, Karim Nowbar 2nd, Bill East 3rd)
  • 9/26 (Karim Nowbar 1st, Andre Lim 2nd, Jeff Leonard 3rd)
  • 10/3 (Jeff Leonard 1st, Karim Nowbar 2nd, Gino Cano 3rd)
  • 10/10 (Jeff Leonard 1st, Andre Lim 2nd, Gino Cano/Karim Nowbar 3rd)
  • 10/17 (Jeff Leonard 1st, Karim Nowbar 2nd, Andre Lim 3rd)
  • 10/24 (Jeff Leonard 1st, Andre Lim 2nd, Karim Nowbar 3rd)
  • 10/31 (Championship)
  • 11/5 Cricket National Qualifier in Tacoma, WA

Player Rankings

Season Championship

  • When: October 31st.
  • Who: Top 8 in the player rankings.
  • Prizes: for every 11 entries we will award 1 ticket to the ADO qualifier, first place wins plaque.
  • Tournament Format: Single Elimination Knockout.
  • Match Format: Cricket (American Point), quarter-final best of 3 legs, semi-final best of 3 legs, final best of 5

ADO Playoff Program
Cricket National Championship
ADO Region 1-2 National Qualifier

The qualifier is held on the morning of Saturday, November 5th at The Home Plate. National Qualifier Winners win free air fare to the National Finals at the Las Vegas Open and $150 cash stipend upon arrival at the tournament.

National Finals (for 2016)

Held Friday morning at the Las Vegas Open on January 20th, 2017. The tournament runs from January 20-22.

Side Pots

This season we will be continuing the side pots. The pots will accrue over the entire year and any residual amount at the end of the year will be added to the Coopers Cup Championship payout.
The pots for this season will be appropriate for Cricket competition.

  • First 9c. $2. First (c wins the pot. When the pot is won everyone can buy in again.
  • First 6B. $2. First deadeye of the night wins the pot. When the pot is won everyone can buy in again.
  • 12- dart game. $2. First 12 or fewer dart leg of the night wins the pot. When the pot is won everyone can buy in again.

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