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Sign up for Summer Doubles here.

Registration is open until Sunday, June 26th. Play starts for mixed doubles on July 13th and open doubles on July 14th. The league will run through the last week of August (30th & 31st).

Mixed Doubles will play on Wednesdays and Open Doubles on Thursday. Mixed doubles teams traditionally consist of one male player and one female player. Open doubles teams can consist of any combination of players.

Open Doubles will use the A-level 13 game format.
Mixed Doubles will use the B-level 13 game format (form not currently online). Cricket matches are the same as on the A-level form but 501 SD (single in/double out) is substituted for the 301 DD (double in/double out) singles matches and 501 SD is substituted for the 501 DD doubles matches.

Before you sign up, make sure you have the permission of your sponsor to play out of their establishment and negotiate who pays what fees. Many of our venues are willing to pay team fees as well as sponsor fees (and sometimes extend happy hour pricing or give team drinks).

Sponsor Fee is $25 per team sponsored. Players fees are $15 per player.

We are actively seeking new players and new venues. New players will have their player fee waived for the season. New venues will have both the sponsorship fee and all players fees waived for the season.

New venues will need to be approved before the season starts. We verify that their dart area accords with our standards for space, lighting and accessibility..

Sign up for Summer Doubles
name and phone number of contact at the home bar