2019 Emerald City Classic

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The 2019 4th Annual Emerald City Classic is at the Easy Monkey Taphouse

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2018 Emerald City Classic Results

ADO US Team Qualifier

Blind Draw

1st Hank Pleuffer/Kevin Luke
2nd Jeff Meinke/Bob Ross
3rd Paul Tulee/Eddy Almaguer
4th Joe Ho/Steve Shuey

Open Doubles

1st Jeff Springer/Carole Herriott
2nd John Husman/Mark Rowe
3rd Gene Kuhn/Jeff Meinke
4th Kevin Luke/Melvin Cherry

Womens Singles

1st Carole Herriott
2nd Heather Anderson
3rd Stephanie Simerly
4th Gina Sodano

Mens Singles

1st Kevin Luke
2nd Jeff Springer
3rd John Husman
4th Gene Kuhn

Blind Draw

1st Kevin Luke/Jeff Springer
2nd Eddy Almaguer/Gary Noble
3rd Bob Ross/Kiel Barrett
4th Paul Tulee/Richard Notturno


2017 Emerald City Classic Results

ADO US Team Qualifier

1st Jeff Springer
Alternate Andre Lim

Jeff Springer will travel to the Colorodo Open in October to represent our region and play for a spot on the US Americas Cup Team. The next America’s Cup will be held in Turks and Caicos.

Blind Draw

Joint 1st Robert Thayer/Jeff Regelein
Joint 1st Jeff Leonard/Boyd Taylor
3rd John Kevo/John Ervin
4th Mark Wolff/Michael Bird

Jeff L/Boyd won the drivers seat, beating Robert/Jeff R along the way. Robert/Jeff got their revenge, though, fighting their way back into the winners bracket by taking the first match of the final. The teams elected to not to break to head-to-head tie and were declared joint winners.

Open Doubles

1st Todd Jordan/Brian Smith
2nd Gino Cano/Karim Nowbar
3rd Donnie Jones/Jairus Lavrey
4th Mike Due/Tony Howe

Ladies Singles

1st Carole Herriott
2nd Dawn Marchand
3rd Christi Durden
4th Susan Lakey

Mens Singles

1st John Husman
2nd Jeff Springer
3rd Andre Lim
4th Robert McLendon

Mixed Triples

1st Jeff Springer/Dawn Marchand/Michael Lim
2nd Robert McLendon/Jordan Halingstad/Jarius Lavrey
3rd Andre Lim/Christi Durden/Larry Mead
4th Robert Thayer/Karen DeBack/Mike Due