The following nominations were put forth at the November Board Meeting.

President: Jeff Leonard (incumbent)
Vice President: Will Campbell (incumbent)
Secretary: Vacant (No nominee)
Treasurer: Susan Lakey (incumbent)
Competition Secretary: Joseph Ho (incumbent)
IT Director: Vacant (No nominee)
Tavern Rep: John Kevo (incumbent)
Publicity Manager: Anthony Gallegos
A Representative: Richard Notturno (incumbent)
B Representative: Vacant (No nominee)


We still need nominees for B division rep, Publicity Rep, IT Manager as well as Secretary.

This is the second call for nominees. The first was during the board meeting on November 3rd. Nominations for 2018 Board Positions are open until midnight November 19th. Voting will occur at the end of the month and the winners will be presented at the ECDO Holiday shoot.

Email your nomination to the ECDO Board.

Or use the nomination form.

ECDO Singles League is running our popular Penguin medley format through the end of the year.

See you tonight!

Registration for fall 2017 season is open. Click here to register your team.

Registration closes Sunday, August 27th.

Season starts September 6th for B divisions and September 7th for A divisions.

Players looking for a team please email the Competiton Secretary and you will be put in touch with captains looking for players.