Contact the Competition Secretary by email at  Jeff Leonard or by phone: 703-731-5273.

To get a idea of your skill try the Blind Draw Shoot at the The Knarr Shipwreck Lounge on Sundays. Sign up at 4:30pm start at 5:00pm. The address is 5633 University Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105. Phone number is (206) 525-3323.

Or, if you want some serious competition, try the Advanced Singles League at Coopers Alehouse on Mondays. 7:00pm sign-up time, 7:30pm start time. The address is 8065 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115. Phone number is (206) 522-2923.

For soft tip players, here is a loose guide for league skill levels

  • 8 and above for Advanced Singles League
  • 8-9 and above for A league
  • 4-8 for B1 league
  • 0-4 for B2 league

Spring 2015 – Week 2

April 21, 2015

Week 1 results
A Shootists vs NTACPostponed
A The Dudes Abide 19 – 6 Dart on Garth
A Wizards of ooZ 9 – 16 Bull Pimps
B1 Sinister Hand 11 – 10 Who Darted?
B1 Misunderestimated 12 – 9 Uff Da Lite
B1 Blue Steel 14 – 7 Pequilar Tons
B2 Unimeeses vs Fartin & DartinPostponed
B2 Flight Club 4 – 13 Pog Mo Thoin
B2 Just the Tip 5 – 12 Here 4 Fun

Matches for week 2
A Division
Da Hawks (Home) vs The Dudes Abide at Wayne’s World
Bull Pimps (Home) vs Dart on Garth at Tarasco
Wizards of ooZ (Home) vs The Shootists at Eastlake Zoo

No Talent Ass Clowns has a bye

B1 Division
Who Darted? (Home) vs Misunderestimated at Coopers Alehouse
Pequiliar Tons (Home) vs Sinister Hand at The Old Peculiar
Uff Da Lite (Home) vs Blue Steel at Coopers Alehouse

B2 Division
Fartin & Dartin (Home) vs Flight Club at Kates
Here 4 Fun (Home) vs Unimeeses at Kort Haus
Pog Mo Thoin (Home) vs Just The Tip at Ould Triangle

Altstadt hosting B2 team

April 21, 2015

ECDO returned back to pioneer square on tax day with the new B2 team,The Altstadt’s Just The Tip hosted the Kort Haus Here 4 Fun. The Kort Haus won the match 12 to 5. A special thanks to Altstadt staff for  the great service and help getting the dart area ready!


co-owner on the left Lex, bartenders Thomas center, and Phillip


Just the Tip

Top left  JP W, Top right Kyle P

Bottom left Blain M bottom right Tim M

Session 7 of Advanced Singles League is Monday, April 20th.

• Coopers Alehouse, 8065 Lake City Way, Seattle, WA

• 7:00pm sign-up time
• 7:30pm start time
• $15 Singles League Late Fall season Sign-up fee (one time fee, due the second time you play)
• $20 entry fee (100% paid back in prize money each week)

League Format
• Each week is played as a round robin (8- players) or a modified non-elimination round robin (9-16 players) and results accumulated. The tournament director has discretion to run a modified format if Coopers is really busy.
• Top 8 players compete for the season championship
• No need to play every week
• Players are never eliminated from play

Match Format
• 501 Straight On, Double Out
• Rules of play shall follow the guidelines in the ADO Tournament Rules Booklet.
• Round robin matches will be calibrated to about 15 total legs per player.
• Players will determine who goes first prior to the start of a match. Players may flip a coin or throw closest to the cork to determine who goes first. The winner of the cork/coin flip will start the first leg and all odd numbered legs. Loser of the cork will start all even numbered legs.
• If a match reaches the final leg, players will cork again with the loser of the coin flip (at the start of the match) calling who corks first.
• Record all 180s (for ADO pins/certificates), 15- dart legs and 100+ outs
• Record number of darts used by the winner of each leg

The league will run for 8 weeks in March and April on the following dates:
March 9th (Jeff Leonard 1st, Gino Cano 2nd, Mark Wolff 3rd),
March 16th (Jeff Leonard 1st, Larry Mead 2nd, Karim Nowbar 3rd),
March 23rd (Jeff Leonard 1st, Mark Wolff 2nd, Rob Johnson 3rd),
March 30th (Jeff Leonard 1st, Larry Mead 2nd, Matt Phelps 3rd),
April 6th (Jeff Leonard 1st, Larry Mead 2nd, Karim Nowbar 3rd),
April 13th (Jeff Leonard 1st, Karim Nowbar 2nd, Rob Johnson 3rd),
• April 20th,
• April 27th, Championship Playoff

ADO National Qualifier
This season the league will qualify players for the following event:
• 501 National Championship/ADO All-Stars

The Region 1-2 National Qualifier will be held on the weekend of May 15-17 at the “Oregon Open” in Portland, OR
The National Final is August 7-9, 2015 in Stamford, CT at the USA Classic.

Ladies Qualifier
For every 11 ladies’ entries we will allocate one of our tickets to a ladies only playoff and pay the winners way to the ladies 501 Nationals qualifier at the Oregon Open ($110 value). In the event that there are fewer than 11 entries, finishing in the top 8 will still get you into the final playoff for a chance to win ticket. And don’t fool yourself, the ladies are fully capable of getting to the qualifier either way. Last season, Carole Herriot and Debra Jubinville both finished in the top 8.

Week 6 Results
1st Jeff Leonard 12 points
2nd Karim Nowbar 7 points
3rd Rob Johnson 3 points

Week 6 Player Rankings

Place Name Points # Entries 180s 100+out 15- Dart Games
1 Jeff Leonard 112 6 10 108, 102, 144 11, 15, 15, 14, 14, 15
2 Mark Wolff 46 4 1 112, 100 13, 15
3 Karim Nowbar 43 5 108
4 Larry Mead 41 3 4 105
5 Gino Cano 31 3 1
6 Matt Phelps 18 2 144
7 Rob Johnson 10 2

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